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Email Client
To: Harvey Specter
From: James - Launch Digest
Subject: Issue 001 - User Acquisition Is A Beast

Hi Guys,

Today we have a great interview with Mike Ross.

Q: What's your educational background?

A: Uhh. I'd rather not say.

To: Harvey Specter
From: James - Launch Digest
Subject:Monthly Reading List - July


Here are some good reads I found in July:

5 SaaS Marketing Mainstays

How I Conquered My Fear of Pitching VCs

I Got to $10,000 MRR and Still Failed

To: Harvey Specter
From: James - Launch Digest
Subject:Finding Pearson Darby was a Lifesaver!

Pearson Darby

The best law firm in history just got better.

Here's how:

–  New suits for everyone
–  Fresh Bagels Daily
–  Attractive Interns

Not sold yet, huh?

Check out who has already dropped some knowledge on Launch Digest readers.

Samuel Hulick

Samuel Hulick is a UX consultant specifically focused on user onboarding. He runs the website User Onboard, which analyzes the first-run experiences of popular web apps. Sam walked us through the launch of his book The Elements of User Onboarding.

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Loren Burton

Loren was kind enough to chat with me about his latest project, Penflip. He also shared his experience as a YC alum and the challenges he has faced while developing Penflip.

If you're into digital publishing, this one's for you.


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John Doe

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Itaque, optio corporis quae nulla aspernatur in alias at numquam rerum ea excepturi expedita tenetur assumenda voluptatibus eveniet incidunt dicta nostrum quod?

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